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    overall costs per year
    from CHF 2’090
  • Loan amount CHF
    overall costs per year
    from CHF 3’350
Die Kreditvergabe ist verboten, falls diese zur Überschuldung führt. (Art. 3 UWG). Siehe hier ein repräsentatives Beispiel.
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We take over everything (outstanding loans, debts through credit cards, leasing etc.) and you only pay our low rates.

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Blog: Our Recomendations

bank now
Ich habe über die Mutuo AG einen Kredit über 185’000 CHF aufgenommen. Mein vertrauen in dieses Unternehmen hat sich bewährt. Alles hat schnell und gut funktioniert.

Cesar Torres.Herzogenbuchsee

Es freut mich dass alles so schnell geklappt hat … und besten Dank für ihre faire Offerte.

Fam. T.
migors bank kredit
Nach der Absage der Migros Bank war ich frustriert. Dank der Mutuo AG habe ich die 140’000 CHF doch noch bekommen. Vielen Dank für Ihr Entgegenkommen und das gute Angebot!
Markus.H. Basel
kredit basel

Mit dem Top Kredit habe ich ein schnelles und günstiges Mittel zur Finanzierung meines Vorhabens gefunden. Ich  Kann den Top Kredit nur weiterempfehlen.!

Andrea P., Basel

Mutuo AG is one of the leading Swiss-online-loan providers located in Basel. We are happy about your visit in our branch office or a call to personally serve you. Benefit through an easy and efficient processing of your online loan inquiry with the best terms. I personally stand for the best service and say thank you for the4.8 of 5 star rating of our customers.
Kleinkredite BaselSend us an email:
Stop by our branch! Mutuo AG CLARASTRASSE 194005BASEL
Phone061 692 57 88 061 681 51 83
Fax061 692 57 77
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Mutuo AG offers you the following loan formats:

car loan
Car loan and motor vehicle loans:

Buy your vehicle with the favorable car loan instead of leasing: A smart financing solution to buy new as well as pre-owned cars. You can offset the loan interest against taxes

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Bank loan
Bank loans up to 250’000 CHF

Bank loans from 5000 – 250’000 CHF for your big plans. With a bank loan the money is available to you no matter for what purpose.

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Cross-border commuter loan

Do you work in Switzerland but live aborad? Benefit from the low interest rates of the Swiss market with a cross-border commuter -personal loan from Mutuo AG.

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Kredite für selbständige
Loans for freelancer

Do you need money and are you self-employed? Receive up to 80’000 CHF if you have been self-employed for more than a year.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About your Loan

What kind of requirements do I need to bring for a loan?

For our loans the following requirements are needed:
  • Legal age
  • Employed or self-employed (for more than 12months in the 2nd case)
  • No loss certificate
  • Live in Switzerland or Liechtenstein or be a cross-border commuter
Additionally the allocation of a loan is generally dependent of your financial standing. Every loan application is reviewed individually in this context.

What loan amounts are possible for my loan?

A loan application is possible for amounts between 3'000 CHF und 250’000 CHF. You benefit from our special customer service for big loans with amounts starting at 80’000. Therefore, you preferably ask us directly via mail or telephone for amounts starting at 80'000.

What durations and what rate amounts are offered?

The duration of your loan can be between 12 and 84 months; the rate amount is therefore flexible and individually selectable.

What kind of documents do I need to apply for a loan?

For this you need the following documents:
  • The last two pay slips for both spouses/partners
  • A copy of a valid identity card or passport
  • For foreigners we additionally need a copy of your foreigner ID.
  • We will contact you if any additional documents are needed, for example evidence about your living situation, health insurance, your work situation and your financial ability or about current loans.

Are there any fees for the completion of a loan?

No, there are no transaction or account management fees.

How does the repayment of the loan work?

The personal loan is paid back by monthly rates, which stay the same (the last rates may vary). Unscheduled payments are also possible, if you wish. The first rate has to be paid one month after the disbursement. This loan format is also called rate loan.

Can I offset the loan interest against my taxes?

You can offset your interest on debt against your personal income tax. The interest statement needed for this will be automatically sent to you via mail at the end of the year. Feel free to contact our staff for more information.

When will I receive the money?

You will receive the money once the revocation period of 14 days has passed, for which the date of the contract is decisive.

What is the authentication and where can I obtain it?

It concerns the "yellow identification", which can be obtained at a post office near you.

How does the Mutuo AG loan calculator work?

Our loan calculator allows you to combine different credit amounts and terms within the given limits and automatically calculates the corresponding monthly rate. In this way, you can easily determine your optimal installment and apply for your dream loan.

Repräsentatives Rechenbeispiel: 10‘000 CHF 12 Monate Laufzeit: Der Zins (Gesamtkosten) sind zwischen CHF 240 und CHF 520. Der Zinssatz 4.5 % – 9.9 %. Die Rate ist zwischen CHF 853.- und CHF 868. im Monat. Die Kreditvergabe ist verboten, falls diese zur Überschuldung führt. (Art. 3 UWG).